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The Emerson UNI2403 is a 400 Volt drive with a nominal rating of 11 kW at 380 Volts. It also has a rating of 15 HP at 460 Volts. Its output current is 25 amps, and its typical input current is 21.0 amps. The UNI2403 can be mounted either through hole or surface mounted using the appropriate brackets. If the drive has been used for a period of time at high load levels, the heatsink may be very hot. Human interaction with the heatsink should be restricted if this is the case. When the Unidrive is through-panel mounted, a baffle plate is needed to make sure the correct level of air flows through the heatsink.

If an RFI filter is be used with each drive, be sure to add in the dissipation figures for each RFI filter installed in the enclosure. If you are mounting a braking resistor inside the enclosure, add the average power figures for each braking resistor that will be installed in the enclosure. Ensure to calculated the total heat dissipation in Watts of any other equipment inside the enclosure. You can use this figure to then calculate the size of the sealed enclosure. To calculate the size fo the unobstructed surface area required by the enclosure, use the following formula: A = P/(k*(Ti - Te)). A is the unobstructed surface area in square meters. Te is the maximum expected ambient temperature in Celsius outside of the enclosure, and Ti is the maximum permissible ambient temperature inside of the enclosure. P is the power in watts calculated above - the total watts dissipated by all heat sources, while k is the heat transmission coefficient of the enclosure material.

If you are using a ventilated enclosure, the minimum required volume of ventilated air must be calculated using the P value: V = (3kP) / (Ti - Te). Where P is Power in Watts dissipated by all heat sources and k is the ratio of air pressure at sea level over air pressure at the installation.

The Control Techniques UNI2403 is ventilated by heatsink fans that are internally supplied. It is critical to ensure that the minimum clearances around the Unidrive have been met so that air is allowed to flow freely. When a UNI2403 Unidrive is through-panel mounted, the fitting of a baffle plate allows the heatsink to act as a chimney, enhancing the airflow along the heatsink fins to aid in cooling, something that naturally occurs when the Unidrive is mounted on a surface. You can make a baffle plate out of various suitable conducting or nonconducting materials and attach it to the heatsink. The maximum ambient temperature in which the Unidrive can operate without derating is 40 degrees celsius (derating can be applied to allow operation up to a 50 degree Celsius environment). The drive should be installed in a cool, clean, well-ventilated environment. Dust and moisture should be prevented from contact with the Unidrive as much as possible.


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