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The Control Techniques UNI2401 is a 400V drive with a 5.5 kW at 380V. It has 7.5 HP at 460V. Its output current (A) is 12 and its typical input current (A) is 13.0. It is important to note that input line reactors can help reduce the risk of damage to the Emerson Unidrive results from poor phase balance or major disturbances on the supply line. If a line reactor is going to be used, reactance values of 2% are highly recommended. A loss of drive output, such as reduced torque at high speeds, may occur if higher values are used due to voltage drops. A 2% line reactor allows Unidrives to be used with an unbalanced supply of up to 3.5% in negative phase sequences, which is the same as a 5% voltage imbalance in between the phases. Major disturbances can be caused by several things, including the following:

  • The power factor correction equipment is too closely connected to the Unidrive.
  • Large DC drives have no or inadequate line reactors connected to the supply.
  • The voltage dip goes over 20% when direct-on-line started motors are connected to the supply and then started.

These variations can cause high peak currents to flow into the input power circuit of the UNI2401, causing nuisance tripping or even failure of the drive. Drives with a lower power rating may be even more susceptible to these disturbances if they are connected to a supply with a high capacity rating. The Unidrive may be supplied with DC instead of 3-phase AC current. Connecting a DC bus between several drives is usually used to return energy from a drive that is being overhauled by the load to the second motoring drive, or to allow one braking resistor to dissipate the regenerative energy from several drives. However, there are limitations as to the combinations of drives that can be used with this configuration. Oftentimes, supply voltage and its impedance can affect the drive’s input current. Calculations for power flow and loss can be aided by using the values of typical input current, which are to be used with a balance supply.


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