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The Emerson Industrial UNI1405 is a 400 volt drive that is rated for 4 kW at 380 Volts. It maintains a HP of 5 at 460 volts. Its typical input current is 10.0 amps with an output current of 9.5 amps. Care should be taken when installing the Unidrive, as the voltages supplied in the following locations can be lethal: AC Supply Cables and Connections, Output cables and connections, and many internal parts of the drive as well as the external option units. Ensure that the AC supply is disconnected from the drive using an isolation device before any cover is removed or work performed. It is extremely important to realize that the STOP function does not remove dangerous voltage levels from the Unidrive or any option modules. The Control Techniques UNI1405 maintains a lethal voltage charge in its capacitors that remain charged even after the AC supply has been disconnected. The AC supply must be isolated for at least 10 minutes after the Unidrive has been energized. However, it is possible that the capacitors may fail to discharge. Normally they are discharged by an internal resistor. But under certain fault conditions, this may be prevented by voltage applied to the output terminals. If the display goes blank immediately, it is possible that this has occurred. If this happens, please consult with MRO Stock or Control Techniques directly. If the drive is installed with equipment which is connected to the AC power supply by a plug and socket, special attention must be given. The rectifier diodes which connect the AC supply terminals to the internal capacitors are not intended to give safety isolation. A means of isolating the plug from the drive (I.e. a latching relay) should be used if the plug terminals can be touches when the plug is not connected to the socket. When a power supply to the drive is disconnected, permanent-magnet rotors can still generate electric power if they are turned.

The Unidrive UNI1405 will become energized through its motor terminals if this is allowed to happen. If this is at all possible, the motor must be isolated from the drive before accessing any live parts. Unidrives are suitable for suite on supplies of installation category III or lower according to the EIC 60664-1, meaning that they may be connected permanently to a supply at its origin in a building, but if its is being installed outdoors then additional overvoltage suppressors (transient voltage surge protection) must be provided to reduce the category from IV to III.

The UNI1405 requires a power supply of 380V to 480V ±10%, with 3 phases. The minimum supply balance is 2% negative phase sequence, which is equal to a 3% voltage imbalance in between phases. The frequency range of the Control Techniques Unidrives is 48 Hz to 65 Hz, and its maximum supply fault current is 5 kA. The UNI1405 has an internal DC choke so it does not need line reactors except for cases of extreme phase unbalance or excessive supply conditions.


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