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The Control Techniques UNI1403 is a 400 Volt drive rated for 1.5 kW at 380 volts, and 2hp at 460 volts. Its typical input current is 5.8 amps and its output current is 3.8 amps. When looking at the UNI1403 user manual, the maximum values of the continuous input current are provided to aid in the selection of cables in fuses. These values are slated for the worst case scenarios with the rare combination of a stiff supply with a bad balance. The values provided would only be viewed in one of the input’s phases, the current in the other two phases would be much lower. Additionally, the values are stated for a supply with a 2 percent negative phase sequence imbalance.

The fuse voltage rating must be sufficient for the drive supply voltage. If you are in the USA, Class CC fuses up to 30 Amps are recommended, or Class J above 30 Amps. If you are in Europe, type gG HRC industrial fuses to EIC60269 should be used. With ground connections, the ground loop impedance must fulfill the needs of the local safety regulations. The Unidrive must be grounded by a connection able to carry the prospective fault current until a fuse or another protective device disconnects the AC supply. Inspections and testing of the ground connections must be done at suitable intervals.

The output circuit of the Emerson Industrial UNI1403 has a quick-reacting electronic short-circuit protection which reduces the fault current to usually no more than 5 times the rated output. This protection will interrupt the current at approximately 20 microseconds. The use of any additional short-circuit devices is not needed. The drive provides overload protection for the motor cable and the motor, but a Pr 0.46 motor rated current must be used. If this is not doens the then there is a risk of fire should the motor current overload. There is also provision for using a motor thermistor to prevent overheating due to loss of cooling. It is critical that 105°C (221°F) (UL 60/75°C temp rise) PVC insulated cables with copper conductors and suitable voltage rating is used for the following power connections:

  • AC supply to the external EMC filter (if used)
  • AC supply (or external EMC filter) to drive
  • Drive to motor
  • Drive to the braking resistor


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