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The Control Techniques UD70 Large Option Module is a second microprocessor that de-restricts the Unidrive’s processing power when it performing a variety of duties in real time, such as timing function that are required for the correct operation of power devices. It is a compact microcomputer inside of a Large Option Module and can easily be installed in any classic Unidrive. The UD70 allows a programmer to write software or use pre-created software to optimize the flexibility of the drive.

The Emerson Industrial UD70 provides a dedicated RS323 programming port (Connection C) and a multi-purpose RS485 comms port (Connection D). Connections A and B provide connectors for speedy fieldbus communications options of those are chose to be fitted. Note: In all cases, the configuration parameters must be saved and the UD70 must be reset before the changes will take effect. To store the changes in Menu 17 settings, set #MM.00 to 1000 and press the red RESET button on the keypad. To reset the UD70, set #MM.00 to 1070 and press the red RESET button on the keypad.

The following lists the RS485 Port Communications Modes:

Standard CT ANSI Protocol

  • Mode 1 - 4 Wire ANSI Slave Mode (this is the default)
  • Mode 5 - 2 Wire ANSI Slave Mode

In these modes the UD70 will communicate using the standard ANSI protocol using either a 4 or 2 wire connection. The Unidrive will then be able to communicate with standard Control Techniques software packages, such as the Unisoft, MentorSoft, or SystemWise softwares.

Modbus RTU

  • Mode 13 - 4 Wire Modbus RTU Slave Mode
  • Mode 15 - 2 Wire Modbus RTU Slave Mode

In these modes the UD70 will communicate using the Modicon Modbus RTU protocol with either a 4 or 2 wire connection.

Modbus ASCII

  • Mode 14 - 4 Wire Modbus ASCII Slave Mode
  • Mode 16 - 2 Wire Modbus ASCII Slave Mode

In these modes, the UD70 will use the Modicon Modbus ASCII protocol to communicate. The max number of allowed registers that can be transferred in a single message is 20, and the range of allowed node addresses is 1 - 99.

Master / Slave

  • Mode 2 - Master Mode

In this mode, the node acts like a master continuously broadcasting a source parameter from the RS485 port at a data rate of 9600 bits per second.

  • Mode 3 - Slave Mode

In this mode, the node acts like a slave to receive the constant data stream sent by the Master. The data is then multiplied by the scaling parameter, written to the destination, as defined by the Pointer parameter.


  • Mode 4 - Cascade Mode

This mode allows the UD70 RS485 ports to be cascaded, where each node is a slave to the upstream node and master to the downstream node.

I/O Box Mode

  • Mode 10 - I/O Box Mode

The UD70 does not have a dedicated port for use with an I/O box. The multi-purpose RS485 connection can be utilized to communicate directly with the I/O box by modifying it to use Mode 10 comms.


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