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The AS-BDAU-204 (DAU-204) is a Modicon A120 4-channel analog I/O module designed to control frequency drives, positioning valves, dampers, etc. Each channel can provide a voltage or current loop output in any of the following ranges: 0 - 1V, 0 - 5V, 0 - 10V, 4 - 20mA, or 0 - 20 mA. Different PLC modules will require different voltage ranges. The module requires an external power source of 24V DC at 250 mA. If this is not done, the module will pull power from the internal bus and give a false green LED indicator. The DAU204 can have all of its 4 channels independently configured with any combination of voltage and current outputs. It has group to group isolation capabilities up to 500V AC. The module has high accuracy and true 12-bit resolution on all scales. It will detect and alert if open current loops and broken wires are present. It also contains built in diagnostics and software calibration.

This module must be powered when in the rack. If it is not it can affect proper operation of the CPU and the other I/O modules. Be sure to set the DIP switches and field wire the terminal blocks prior to installing the Schneider Electric AS-BDAU-204 - these are on the bottom and top of the module. It is also recommended that unused channels be set to voltage mode. This will shut off the red LED current loop error indicator and alarm bit. However, you can also short unused output channels. Use 60/75 Cu wire for the power connections and 4.5 in-lb. of torque on the set screws. To prevent errors with functionality and operation, use shielded, twisted pair cable. Ground the shield of each signal cable to the module only. At the other end of each signal cable, peel back the shield layer and insulate it from contact with the signal carrying wires. Route each of the cables as far as possible from sources of electrical noise like motors, transformers, contactors, and any AC devices. Ensure that signal cables crossing AC or power cables cross at right angles. When connecting field devices to the AS-BDAU-204, keep the unshielded portions of the signal wires as short as possible. Use supplied keys to prevent terminal blocks from being switched accidentally after wiring the blocks.


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