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There are 4 channel switches above the 7-segment LED on the front of the FANUC A06B-6089-H106. The switches are numbered 1 to 4, bottom to top. Switch one setting varies the type of interface that is used in between the NC and servo amp. If the setting is not right, an alarm will occur, and if the load is light the motor may keep running. On sets the switch to a Type B interface, Off sets it to a type A interface. Switch 2 is used for the SCU / SVUC settings. For SVU, set Switch 2 to the off position. For the SVUC, set the switch to the On position. Switches 3 and 4 settings vary depending on the regenerative discharge resistance used. If it is not set right, the servo amp will not be able to correctly detect the regenerative discharge control circuit failure alarm (DCSW).

If you are using an absolute pulse encoder, a battery will be required. The way the battery is connected again varies with the type of interface used. For type A interfaces, the battery is connected on the NC side. If a type B interface is being used, the battery is connected on the A06B-6089-H106 side.

The check pins in the servo amplifier unit allow you to check the control power supply voltage and motor current. Overall, there are 6 check pins in the unit. When the terminal cover on the front panel is opened, you will see these pins below the 7-segment LEDs. The voltage between the 0V and +5V check pins should be 5 Volts +5%. The instantaneous motor current can be measured by observing the voltage across the 0V and IRL, IRM, ISL, or ISm check pins on the oscilloscope. Please take note that you cannot measure this correctly with a volt-ohm-milliammeter. The seven-segment LED is the status indicator. If the seven-segment indicator is off, either control power is not being supplied, or the power supply circuit in the A06B-6089-H106 is defective. If latter is the case, try replacing the fuse. If the indicator is still off then the servo amplifier unit should likely be replaced. If a single middle line shows on the status indicator, than the servo amp is awaiting for the ready signal from the NC. The name of the ready signal is *MCON. If a single rectangular box shows in the status indicator (all the outside lines are highlighted), the the servo amplifier is in the ready state and the motor is being energized. Every other indication, such as the number 8, mean that an alarm condition is occurring.


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