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The FANUC A06B-6089-H105 is part of the Alpha Series of Motor Control Servo Amplifiers.

Before connecting the power source to the machine, be sure to check the voltage of the power sources. The power requirement for the servo amp is the sum of the power requirements of all the individual servo motors. When a servo motor accelerates or decelerates rapidly, it may require twice as much power as the continuous rating for several moments. Check on the input voltages when one servo motor accelerates or decelerates simultaneously and keep the voltage above 170Vac. When the motor and power control have separate power inputs, be sure to remove the jumper connecting the L1C and L1, and have a jumper connecting the L2C and L2. Because the drive circuit for the A06B-6089-H105 operates using a pulse width modulation system using IGBTs, high frequency leakage current flows from the motor windings and power lines to the ground through stray capacitance. The leakage current may cause the ground fault interrupter of leakage protection relay to stop functioning. There must be a measure against influence from inverters to prevent this from occurring.

Before initializing the servo parameters on the A06B-6089-H105, confirm the NC model, servo motor model, machine detection unit, NC command unit, the distance the tool moves per revolution of the motor, and whether or not a separate position detector is going to be used. To being the servo parameter initialization procedure, switch on the NC in an emergency stop state while enabling parameter writing. Use the servo setting screen to initialize the servo parameters. To display this screen, you will need to use the key on the NC. For series 15, this is the SERVICE key, which must be pushed several times. For series 16, 18, 20, and 21 press System → [System] → [ ►] → [SV-PRM]. If nothing happens, switch the NC off and on again.


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