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The A06B-6088-H230 is an Spindle Amplifier Module. Before performing a pilot run with this module, check that all cables are securely connected to the power magnetics cabinet and the amplifier, as well as checking all grounds. After turning the power on, check the operation of the emergency stop circuit by pressing the emergency stop button. The motor should stop immediately and the power being supplied to the amplifier should be shut off by the magnetic contactor. Always place the machine in the emergency stop state before making adjustments. If an alarm is displayed, take appropriate action as found in the maintenance manual. If the door of the power magnetics cabinet needs to remain open during work, maintenance should be carried out by a person specifically trained in the maintenance of the machine. If some alarms are forcibly reset, operation may continue but the amplifier may get damaged.

Before operating the motor for the first time, adjust the speed and position detectors for the spindle so that the appropriate waveform is obtained. If these detectors are not properly adjusted, the motor may not rotate correctly or the spindle may fail to stop when desired. Stop operation immediately if any abnormal noise or vibration is noticed. If operation continues in spite of this, the FANUC A06B-6088-H230 could become damaged. If ambient temperature increases, there is a chance that the continuous output rating or operation period of the Spindle Amplifier Module  could fall. If the amplifier's use is continued with an excessive load, then damage could potentially occur. It is vital that the maintenance manual is read carefully and that one is completely familiar with its contents. The manual describes daily maintenance and operational procedures that should be followed in the event of an alarm. Each operator should be familiar with the descriptions provided.


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