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The A06B-6087-H130 is an Alpha Power Supply Module, Model Number PSM-30. If you experiencing trouble turning on your power supply module, ensure that the green LED on the front of the controller is on. If it is not, then there could be several causes. Check the fuse F1 on the front panel to ensure that it is not blown. This can happen if the input voltage is too high, if the external 24Vdc power supply is faulty or has short circuited. The power supply module may also not turn on the voltage is too low. Measure the voltage at the S terminals to determine that the correct power amount is being supplied. If it is not correct, check the machine side magnetics current. If the power supply is being inputted normally, then the power PCB in the controller may be defective. There also could be power leakage from other units, so it is important to disconnect all cables other than the power cable and then retry the procedures listed above. If you do this and find that there is no defective condition, connect the cables back one by one to determine which one is causing the failure.

If automatic operation cannot be done on the FANUC A06B-6087-H130 , confirm that the correct mode is selected. By doing this, it is also possible to check the cycle operation, feed hold, and cycle stop state. If the cycle start LED signal has turned off, confirm the LED on the machine operator's panel. Then check the unit’s diagnostic functions. The diagnostic functions should determine why the start cycle LED is turned off. It can be because the emergency stop is input, the external reset signal is input, or because the reset button was pressed.


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