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The Siemens 6SN1145-1BA01-0DA1 is a Infeed/Regenerative Feedback Module with closed-loop control, and is part of the Simodrive 611 system. The module is used to connect the drive group to the line supply. It can generate DC voltage for the DC link for 3-phase line supply at 3 different voltages: 400, 415, and 480 Vac. For module arrangements, a minimum lateral clearance of 50mm must be maintained between module groups that are mounted at the same height. The 6SN1145-1BA01-0DA1 has an internal cooling system containing a heatsink for cooling inside the control cabinet. Some modules also offer the option of connecting a pipe for direct air cooling. With the internal cooling, the complete power loss remains in the electrical cabinet in the form of heat. For the internal cooling system to work properly, there must be a cooling clearance with a minimum of 100mm between the top and bottom of the module. Do not cover the top of the module with anything, even a cable. When engineering or dimensioning a cabinet, be sure to take into account the power loss that is dissipated in the cabinet from the I/R module.

The 6SN1145-1BA01-0DA1 contains one switch and 6 terminals. The S1 Switch is used to set various functions. Terminal 19 is used for EN-. It must be connected to a 0V reference potential of an external power supply if it is being used to control the enable signals using electronic outputs that switch to high. It should not be connected to terminal 15. Terminal nine is used for EN+. Use only 24V enable voltage for the internal enable signals. Its maximum supply load is 500 mA. The highest priority terminal is number 48. This is the start terminal, and is used to power on and off the sequence of the NE module. If the terminal is de-energized, then after 1 millisecond the internal pulse enable signals are inhibited and thus the DC link is isolated electrically. If terminal 48 is enabled or opened during load operation, the load operation is completed first. Functionality will not be inhibited until the load operation is complete. Terminal 63 is the pulse enable. The enable and inhibit functions take place approximately 1 millisecond for all modules. When the signal is taken away, the drives coast down unbraked. If the DC link is to remain charged for a long period of time, then the pulse inhibit should be enabled to avoid unnecessary switching losses and reactor losses.


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