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The 6SN1121-0BA11-0AA1 is a 1-Axis, Closed-Loop Analog MSD Control Unit used for speed, positioning, and torque. It is used with a resolver motor encode, and can be used with the Profibus, terminals, and RS232/485 optional interfaces. It can be used with a variety of Siemens synchronous rotating motors, induction rotating motors, and synchronous linear motors.

This module can only be used with firmware from 3.00. To upgrade the firmware, save the settings data / parameters. Replaced the firmware using the startup program. Initialize while keeping the pulses and controller inhibited. Reload the settings data which was previously saved, and then save the data in the drive-machine data memory. The drive converter setting data can be saved on a floppy disk using the startup software.

The Siemens 6SN1121-0BA11-0AA1 module also contains a X432 input which must be configured as a spindle encoder input.  This can be done by using P033 = 0. If this is not done, the module will output the error fault message F-10. Remember that spindle encoder signals always are evaluated as square-wave signals using pulse quadrupling. The settings for current limit and current controller gain can be taken from the adaptation tables found in the user manual. The values can be determined according to various formulas if the required feed module and motor combination cannot be found. The current limit must be reduced to the peak value permitted for that particular motor. It may have to be further reduced depending on the mechanics of the system. In the Simodrive 611 system, feed modules with closed-loop control for the 1FT5 servo motors come equipped with an evaluation circuit for the PTC thermistors integrated in the motor windings. Because there is no internal system response to protect the motor, the user must ensure that there is adequate thermal recovery time in the adaptation control for immediately after the signal output. The motor should be immediately powered down if required. If the motor is not monitored thermally, the complete drive could be destroyed if an overload condition occurs.


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