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The 6FC5210-0DF22-2AA0 is a Sinumerik Operator Interface PCU 50. With this PCU, you can create innovative and unique operator panels. It features a rugged design that is made to withstand continuous operation with a high noise immunity while maintaining a compact, space-saving construction. It is very easy to install with 4 screws on the rear of the operator front panel. To a large degree, its mounting position and location can vary widely.

These PCUs are fitted to the rear of the panel fronts, and contain Ethernet and Profibus DP communication interfaces. Handheld units, machine control panels, pushbutton panels, electronic handwheels, keyboards, and floppy disk drives can also be used with the 6FC5210-0DF22-2AA0. The USB port on the back of the device allows for “hot plug and play” functionality for standard keyboards and mice. It comes supplied with the Windows XP ProEmbSys operating system, as well as Ghost 6 and 7 software for restoring and backing up data. It is also compatible with HMI-Advanced software.

The Siemens 6FC5210-0DF22-2AA0 has an intel 1.2 GHz/256MB processor with a 40 GB replaceable hard drive. It has a 512MB maximum memory configuration. It uses a 24Vdc input voltage and has a maximum power consumption of 130 Watts. It should be kept between 5 - 55 °C during operation. When using the Ethernet interface, use an MPI cable with a straight (not angled) plug or cable outlet on the MPI/DP port. Otherwise, the Ethernet port will be covered. It is also important to note that a machine control panel and a pushbutton panel can be used at the same time. The Ethernet cable connected to the PCI card inside the module, allowing for connections with a HT 8 handheld terminal, a Sinumerik operator panel front, or a sinumerik operate panel front with an integrated TCU. For mounting a 6FC5210-0DF22-2AA0 behind an operator panel front, use the corresponding Siemens mounting brackets, which is part number 6FC5248-0AF20-2AA0.


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