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The Schneider Electric / Modicon 140-CRA-931-00 is a Quantum PLC RIO Drop Adapter. It has 1 connector with a single cable. RIO is essentially a single-master network with the RIO processor (140CRP93X00) functioning as the master node. This RIO processor is located on the PLC side at the head end of the RIO network. All of the other nodes communicate with the RIO head through RIo adapters located at the drops side. A Modicon Quantum RIO network can have up to 31 drops. Each RIO Adapter must be assigned a different address number which is set by rotary switches on the rear panel of the RIO adapter.

RIO network topologies are precisely defined (single cable system, dual cable system, redundant cable system) and cannot be derogated from. Illegal topology may result into RIO Network dysfunction. It is important that one does not use more than one splitter as a branching device on the RIO networks. All RIO cables and components should have an impedance of 75 Ohms. The impedance should match across the entire network. The 140CRA93100 has internal terminators. Choose a low impedance earth ground for your cable system, which preferably is a factory ground. If your RIO network is in a harsh electromagnetic environment, optical fiber media is recommended for use between different rooms, islands, or buildings. Optical fibers provide electrical isolation and avoids electromagnetic couplings in disturbing zones. It is also recommended that surge protectors are used whenever a cable system is installed outdoors or any place where lightning protection may be required. It must be grounded to function properly. Whenever your RIO network is commissioned, or if any later modifications are made, the RIO grounding network should be verified by checking that the Trunk cable is actually grounded at one point only within 6m of the RIO processor. One should remove this single ground connection and check with an ohmmeter that the whole RIO cable is now isolated from the ground. If you are using an optical fiber repeater, perform the same test on all copper subnetworks.


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