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The Modicon 140-CPU-534-14B is a Quantum Concept Processor 80486 with a mathematical co-processor. It can be used with Concept or ProWORX 32 software. It has a clock frequency of 100 MHz and an internal RAM of 2972 kB. It can be used with 3 distributed networks and 2 remote networks. It can handle 63 drops on a distributed network, or 31 on a remote network.

The Schneider Electric 140CPU53414B is functionally identical to the non-B version. However, several factors must be considered - If you are using the module in a Hot Standby topology, two non-B modules must be used or two B/U modules must be used. This module also requires a new flash executive, and the B and non-B flash executives cannot be interchanged. Any existing program configurations used on a non-B module will load into the 140CPU54314B without any modifications. This CPU can support up to three Modbus networks. There are two switches on the front panel of the 140CPU54314B - a three-position slide switch and a three-position key switch. There is also a Modbus RS-232 connector located on the front. The slide switch is used to select the communication parameters for the Modbus ports - ASCII and RTU in the top two positions, and the bottom position gives you the ability to assign the parameters in the software yourself.

The key switch is used to protect memory from programming changes while the controller is in operation. In the Stop position, the controller is stopped and it will disable programmer changes. In the Memory Protect position, the controller may be either stopped or running and the programmer changes are disabled. In the Start position, the controller again can be stopped or running, and the programmer may make changes and stop or start the controller. On the rear of the controller there are two rotary switches. These are used to set the Modbus Plus node and Modbus port addresses. The 140CPU54314B controller supports up to 6 network modules (Modbus Plus, Ethernet, and Multi-Axis Motion option modules) using the option module interface. However, only two Modbus Plus modules can retain full functionality.


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