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The Modicon 140-ACI-030-00 is an Quantum Analog Input 8 Channel Unipolar Module with 8 differential inputs. It accepts mixed current and voltage inputs. Each input has an LED indicator. If these are green, then the indicated point or channel is turned on. If these are red, then there is a detected error on the indicated point or channel. If the “Active” LED is green then Bus communication is present. If the “F” LED is on and red, then an error external to the module has been detected. It is important to note that this module produces an “F” error signal if any of the channels detects a broken wire condition in the 4 to 20 mA range or if there is an undervoltage condition in the 1-5 Volt range. Unused inputs may also cause an activation of the “F” error LED. To avoid this, wire unused channels in voltage mode to one that is in use. Unwired inputs can cause invalid readings; when configured for voltage inputs, and no jumper is installed between the INPUT(+) and ISENSE terminals, a broken field wire can occur. If this happens, the readings will be non-zero and not predictable. The field wiring terminal strip should not be removed when the module is operating, as this can cause injury or equipment damage.

The Schneider Electric 140ACI03000 has an addressing requirement of 9 input words. Its absolute maximum input is 25 mA and 50V DC. The isolation between the module’s channels and the Bus is 1000 Vdc or 3000 Vdc at 60 s. The isolation between its channels is 30 Vdc. The current requirement for the Bus is 240 mA. The ambient temperature  for module operation should be between 0 to 60 °C, and its ambient temperature for storage is -40 to 85 °C. When using Concept or ProWORX software, the 140ACI03000 requires 9 contiguous input registers. There are no Module Zoom selections required for this module. The module is HART compatible.


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