Modicon Quantum System

Modicon Quantum Automation Platform

MRO Stock carries a number of popular Modicon Quantum Automation products. The Quantum system is a special purpose computing system which has digital processing capabilities. It was designed by Modicon to have real-time control in manufacture ring and other industrial applications while using a modular, expandable architecture.

It utilizes the following modules:
– Power Supply
– I/O
– I/O Network Interface
– Intelligence / Special Purpose I/O
– Simulator
– Backplanes
– CableFast Cabling

Power supplies are crucial to the Quantum system, as they provide system power to all modules in the backplane, including the CPU, Interface, and I/O Modules. Depending on your system, there are 3 basic power supply modes. Standalone, which is for configurations that do not have fault tolerant or redundant capabilities. Standalone Summable, which is for systems using more than the rated current of one supply. With this mode, two summing power supplies can be installed on a single backplane. Redundant is the last mode, which is for configurations needing power for uninterrupted system functionality. Two redundant power supplies are needed for this mode.

The CPU is another critical component of the Quantum system. The CPU uses programmable memory to store user instructions and is a digitally operating electronic system. The CPU allows for various types of machines and processes to be controlled. It also serves as the Bus master controlling the distributed Inputs and Outputs of the configuration.

Quantum I/O’s are software configurable electrical signal converters that take signals from field devices and allow them to be processed by the CPU. All I/O modules are isolated from the Bus, keeping operation safe and hazard-free. It can process a number of field devices, including limit switches, proximity switches, temp sensors, solenoids, and valve actuators.

MRO Stock carries a large number of Modicon Quantum products. If you would like more information or to order a part, please call us 800-691-8511 or email us at

Modicon Quantum System
Modicon Quantum System

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