6SN1145-1BA01-0BA1: Manual Anthologies

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A SIMODRIVE drive group has a modular configuration comprising line filter, commutating reactor, line supply infeed module, drive modules as well as, when required: monitoring, pulsed resistor and capacitor module(s). Satisfactory operation is ensured only in conjunction with the components that are described in this Configuration Manual or published in the Catalog NC60 (Internet Mall) and with adherence to the required boundary/application conditions. Failure to observe this along with improper use and application conditions can void your certifications, conformity declarations or warranty claims. In order to avoid contamination, the modules should be installed in a control cabinet with degree of protection IP 54. Modules can also be arranged in several tiers one above the other or next to one another.

According to the 6SN1145-1BA01-0BA1 Manual, Tightening torques for screw connections are:

Screw size ––> tightening torque

M3 ––> 0.8 Nm

M4 ––> 1.8 Nm

M5 ––> 3.0 Nm

M6 ––> 6.0 Nm

M8 ––> 13.0 Nm

M10 ––> 25.0 Nm

Tolerance ––> 0/+30%

For tightening torque deviations for connections to the HF/HFD reactors, see the specifications in the  6SN1145-1BA01-0BA1 Manual, Chapter 6.5. The screws at terminal connections, e.g. DC link busbars, terminals should be checked and tightened each time that the equipment is transported or when performing maintenance work, however at the latest after 5 years.


According to IEC 61800–5–1, a PDS (Power Drive System) with leakage currents over 3.6 mA requires a secure ground connection (e.g. at least 10 mm2 Cu or multiple connection) or an automatic shutdown in case of a ground connection fault.

The housings of the SIMODRIVE 611 converter system modules are enclosed and EMC–compatible as specified in EN 60529 (IEC 60529). The electrical system is designed to comply with EN 50178 (VDE 0160) and EN 60204, and an EC declaration of conformity is available. The connections in the module group, motor cables, encoder lines and bus lines must be made using preassembled MOTION–CONNECT lines (see Catalog NC 60).

The  6SN1145-1BA01-0BA1 modules must be arranged in a particular layout. The following criteria must be taken into account: Function of the module Cross–section of the DC link busbar The I/R or UI module is always located to the left of the module group at the beginning. The power modules (PM) are located to the right next to the I/R or UI modules.

Due to the limited conductivity of the DC link busbars of the modules with module width 150 mm, the DC link power PZK of these modules must not exceed 55 kW. Larger DC link busbars must be used if this restriction cannot be complied with (refer to Fig. 2-2 and 2-3). The DC link power PZK of the subsequent modules is calculated according to the engineering rule specified in Chapter 1.3. The larger DC link busbars can be ordered as a set with Order No. [MLFB] 6SN1161–1AA02–6AA0. The set includes reinforced DC link busbars for module widths 50 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. The standard DC link brackets between the modules may not be changed, even when strengthened DC link busbars are used.

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