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AS-BDAU-204 Analog Output Module

AS-BDAU-204 Wiring

For this module, use 60/75 copper (Cu) for the power connections and 4.5 in-lb. of torque for the set screws.
To prevent errors in field device operation, follow these guidelines:

  • Use shielded, twisted-pair cable (such as Belden 9418).
  • Ground the shield of each signal cable at the AS-BDAU-204 only. At the other end of each signal cable, peel back the shield and insulate it from contact with the signal-carrying wires.
  • Route each signal cable as far as possible from the sources of electrical noise (such as motors, transformers, contactors, and especially AC drives.
  • If the signal cables must corss AC or power cables, ensure that they cross at right angles.
  • When connecting field devices to the module, keep the unshielded portions of the signal-carrying wires as short as possible

After wiring the terminal blocks, use the supplied keys to prevent the blocks from being switched inadvertently.

DAU-204 Wiring Diagram: The following illustration is a wiring diagram and simplified schematic for the DAU-204 analog output module. 

AS-BDAU-204 Wiring Diagram
AS-BDAU-204 Wiring Diagram

We reccomend that you connect the AS-BDAU-204 to the same 24 Vdc power supply being used to power the PLC (even if the module is in the rack but not being used). If this is not possible, we recommend that you supply power to the PLC before the DAU 204 using a power supply similar to the P120 (quick startup voltage). Failture to observe this precaution can cause abnormal operation.

Ensure that the voltage loads driven by the module can tolerate transients during rack and module startup. During startup, transients as great as 2 V may appear on the voltage output terminals for as long as 5 ms due to the characteristics of semiconductor devices. This does not occur with the module’s current output terminals.

Terminals 3, 5, 9, and 11 (- current out, and – voltage out) are internally tied as a group. Terminals 14, 16, 20, and 22 (- current out, and – voltage out) are internally tied as a group. Be sure not to cross groups.

You should short all unused current output terminals to disable the red current loop LEDs and alarm bit.

MRO Stock stocks a large number of AS-BDAU-204’s. To order a replacement/spare, or for technical support, call 800-691-8511 or email

Siemens CNC Sinumerik 840D Alarms (Manual Turn Alarms)

Alarm numberAlarm textCycleExplanation, Remedy
61101 "Reference plane
incorrectly defined"
Deep hole
Either different values must be entered
for the reference plane and return plane
for incremental definition of the depth or
an absolute value must be entered for
the depth.
61107"First drilling depth
incorrectly defined"
Deep hole
First drilling depth is not compatible with
total drilling depth.
61244"Thread pitch change
causes undefined thread"
Thread cuttingCheck thread geometry.
61602"Tool width incorrectly
Grooving in
Grooving tool is larger than programmed
groove width
61604"Active tool violates
programmed contour"
Cutting in
Contour violation in relief cut elements
caused by the clearance angle of the
tool used, i.e. use a different tool or
check the programmed contour
61605"Contour incorrectly
Cutting in
Illegal relief cut element detected
61606 "Error during contour
Cutting in
During preparation of the contour an
error was detected, this alarm is always
output with NCK alarm 10930 ... 10934,
15800 or 15810 (see Diagnostics
62200"Start spindle"Thread The spindle must be running before the
thread can be machined.
111 001Non-interpretable step in line %1
Explanation %1 = Line number
The step is not an element of ManualTurn.
ReactionAlarm display
EasyStep sequence is not loaded
Remedy Delete program step or edit program in operating area PROGRAMS of
SINUMERIK 840D or 810D (CNC mode).
111 002Not enough memory
Abort in line %1
Explanation%1 = Line number
EasyStep sequence contains too many steps
ReactionAlarm display
EasyStep sequence is not loaded
Remedy Edit the program in the PROGRAMS operating area of the
SINUMERIK 840D or 810D (CNC mode).
111 003ManualTurn: %1
Explanation %1 = Error number
Internal system message via the user interface of ManualTurn
ReactionAlarm display
RemedyAcknowledge error and inform Siemens.
111 004File does not exist or is incorrect: %1
Explanation%1 = Name of the file/contour
EasyStep sequence cannot interpret a step with contour programming.
Contour does not exist in directory.
ReactionAlarm display
NC start disable
RemedyLoad contour in directory.
111 005Error on interpreting the contour %1
Explanation%1 = Name of the contour
Contour is incorrect
Reaction Alarm display
NC start disable
Remedy Check machining sequence of contour
111 006Maximum number of contour elements exceeded %1
Explanation%1 = Name of the contour
Max. permissible number of 50 contour elements exceeded during
interpretation of machining sequence of a contour.
Reaction Alarm display
RemedyCheck machining sequence of a contour and correct, if necessary.
111 007Error in line %1 %2
Explanation%1 = Line number
%2 = Description of error
ReactionAlarm display
NC start disable
RemedyRemove the error.
111 008Spindle not synchronized
ExplanationSpindle not synchronized
Reaction Alarm display
RemedyAllow spindle to turn for at least one revolution (M3, M4)
111 009Insert new tool: T%1
Explanation T%1 = Tool number
Tool change program requests a new tool
ReactionAlarm display
NC Stop
Remedy Insert new tool
111 010Teach In Cancellation: Log overflow
Explanation Teach in procedure canceled.
ReactionAlarm display
Teach in file closed.
RemedyThe refresh rate must be increased by 100 to 200 ms in MD 9606:

To order a Siemens Sinumerik Drive, please email or call 1-800-691-8511.