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Control Techniques Unidrive UNI1405

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The incredibly versatile UNI1405 was one of the first universal AC drive capable of providing V/Hz, open and closed loop vector, servo and regenerative control in every unit. It combines all five AC drive technologies so you only have to learn one drive, support one drive and inventory one drive. For quick setup of basic applications, the Unidrive’s most common parameters are arranged in one concise menu. Hundreds of user-configurable functions separated into 20 logical menus provide quick setup for advanced application. For positioning, ratio control, camming and multi-axis systems, plug-in option modules easily extend the UNI1405’s capabilities. High horsepower Unidrives cover the range from 200 to 1600 HP. The 300 amp power module and control pod (the “brain”) are available as components. They are also available as a packaged drive solution that includes fusing and a disconnect. (See our Packaged Drive Section, pages 120-123 and 128-133.) With the Unidrive’s extensive selection of communication, application, feedback and I/O modules, you can easily upgrade the performance of your drive. Yet, it is simple to configure by using the drive keypad, a remote keypad (CTKP), or UniSoft, our Windows based drive set-up tool. You can tailor each Unidrive to be the drive you want when you want it.

Motion Control & Regen Applications

The UNI1405 is suited for use with AC brushless servo motors. Servo control is ideal for applications requiring load transfer to and from any position, at any speed. The Unidrive is designed for both stand-alone and multi-axis system applications.

In regen mode, two standard Unidrives operate together to provide full four-quadrant control of an AC motor. The system consists of two basic sub-systems, one being a Unidrive operating in any of its standard operating modes (open loop, vector or servo), and the other is a Unidrive operating in its regenerative mode. The link between the two sub-systems is simply the DC bus connections. In this mode, the Unidrive is capable of either supplying power to the DC bus of the Unidrive controlling the motor or removing power from the DC bus of the Unidrive controlling the motor and returning it back to the power line.

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