140NOE77101 Firmware

140NOE77101 Firmware

Visit our blog post on the 140NOE77101 Firmware Executive Release Notes for more information, or visit our 140NOE77101 Product Page.

The 140NOE77101 Quantum Ethernet module is one of the most widely used Schneider Electric ethernet modules on the market today. All 140NOE77101 Quantum Ethernet TCP/IP modules provide the user with the capability of transferring data to and from nodes on a TCP/IP network through the use of a communication instruction.

All PLCs that support networking communication capabilities over Ethernet can use the MSTR Ladder Logic instruction to read or write controller info or can also use IEC communication blocks.

Version 4.20 of the 140NOE77101 firmware fixes a serious problem in version 4.10 of the Ethernet module. Any NOE77101 \with a 4.10 executive firmware should be upgraded as soon as possible to version 4.20. This resolution explains the procedure for upgrading the module.


  1. Download the executive from planet or use the copy of the executive attached to this document. The instructions for upgrading are on planet as they always are. This is a consolidated version of those instructions.
  2. Download the web pages from planet or use the webpage zip file attached to this document.

For Concept or ProWORX32 User

Exec Upgrade Procedure (Exec Loader):

  1. Verify the kernel and Exec using the Exec Loader. Refer to the NOE Exec. Sheet for checking the right version
  2. Get and extract the exec file to a directory on the PC
  3. Using the Concept Exec loader download the exec to the NOE module.


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140noe77101 Firmware
140NOE77101 Firmware

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